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        企业方针:持续改进 顾客满意 质量为本 科技兴厂

        The presentation of Suzhou Cold-Drawn Section Steel Co.,Ltd

        Suzhou Clod-Drawn Section Steel Co.,Ltd predecessor is Suzhou Cold-Drawn Section Steel factory, established in January 1984, our company finishes the system reform of the enterprise in May 2003, renamed as Suzhou Clod-Drawn Section Steel Co., Ltd.The company Song Shan Road 462 in Suzhou is Lateiy Group Industry

        Park Of  Zhonghong In Area. Cover an area of 60 mu, 15000 square meters of factory buildings. Our company is the specialized factory of East China which produce the cold-drawn section steel, cold-bending section steel , different section steel.

        The production equipment of our company is intact and complete, there are 2 wheelabrator imported from Japan, 3 electrics stove of 15 ton, 10 cold drawn mill, 8 cold rolling mill and various kinds of alignment mill.

        The products of our company are the different specifications of round steel, square steel, six angle steel and various kinds of different section steel, have already formed the ability of more than 15,000 tons in annual production now, the different section steel accounts for more than 90% among them. The products are extensively used in each industry, such as the automobile industry, elevator industry, textile industry, machining, etc. There are 4 senior engineers,1 engineer, 3 assistant engineers, 8 technicians in our company. There is abundant design that develops ability.

        Our company pays attention to product quality and quality management, since reforming system, measured the respect and invested alarge amount of financial resources, material resources, even more in the products, control product quality from all respects, and pass ISO9001: 2008、TS16949:2008 international quality system authentication, manage and organize production according to ISO9001:2008 international standard quality management system strictly.

        The company regards product quality as the enterprise life,“Quality as base, Technology Innovation, Sustainable Improving, Customer Satisfaction ” as policy. We have rich strength to offer the satisfied products and high quality service to customer. 



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